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Orkland Kysten Prosjekt
(Orkland Coastal project)

On the first of January 2020, Orkland Kommune (district) was formed from several smaller districts. For me this was a blessing as the new formed district included some of my favourite fjords and coastal areas in which I paddle most. A blessing for me in that as Covid restrictions came in, I was still able to paddle my favourite places without leaving the new formed district.

I had paddled (or so I thought) most of this coastline over the years, and sought to paddle it all in stages. I was sponsored by the local district psychological health department as I have previously advocated the benefits of getting out in nature and the benefits it provides those like me who have mental setbacks in everyday life, beneficial for all infact.

The plan was to paddle the coastline in stages and take photographs along the way. Some of these pictures and more can be seen on instagram.




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