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The Olympus Tough TG4, best waterproof camera money can buy in my opinion. It really is a tough camera, takes a lot of punishment especially as I tend to be hard on electronic gadgets. For a compact camera you get an awful lot for your money. 16megapixels and in RAW format, waterproof down to 15m (hopefully not when kayaking). There are many shooting options with underwater mode and two programmable modes. The aperture mode being my favourite where the action is not too fast. Very sharp images and an easy to clean lens. You can film in HD, but the TG5 has 4k, but only 12megapixels as opposed to 16megapixels on the TG4. I compared the TG4 and TG5 before buying and opted for the TG4 as I shoot mostly still pictures. Difference in price was a factor also. But this is not the first TG4 I had, the first got lost in the post while sent in for reparation, my own fault not closing the battery door and a little water got in. I got a refund and thought to buy another but, they were such a popular camera that they were very difficult to find. I was lost without my TG4, bought a Gopro 5 which was returned after being in more for repair than in use. Eventually got a refund and it felt like I had struck gold when I found out a shop in the nearest city that had a TG4 in stock.

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