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Click on the picture for manufacturers full specification.

Compact cameras are the type of camera I use most. This Nikon AW120 has given me some top quality pictures while at sea. It is simple to use and reliable, good battery life, underwater pictures are also of good quality. The full specs can be found by clicking on the picture above. There is a newer version (always is) which I have not tried the AW130 should be worth checking out. The operating temperature is given as -10C, I have used it at lower than -20C and it functioned as normal, but battery life is greatly reduced in such temperatures as are all batteries. The only disadvantage with this model is that it does not have RAW file format. I normally carry two cameras on trips and this is one of them. It has also taken a lot of punishment and a strong camera living up to its name as a rugged compact. There is wifi, gps and a compass which to be honest I don't use at all. Connecting to wifi or gps will reduce battery life significantly so is best switched of if not in use.

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