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My kayak interests include several disciplines on the sea and occasionally on inland lakes. Whether it is paddling in a storm, surf, rockhopping, camping trips, on flat water or winter paddling in temperatures down to -20C and very often alone. It is imperative that my kayak is fit for purpose and crucial that it performs as I require. I have 5 kayaks, three of them Seabird Scott mv, as shown on this page. My Seabird Scott mv is an amazing all round kayak, I own two in fiberglass and one plastic.

The scott mv is an all round kayak, and although not the fastest kayak, I have used it in half marathons, it performs like a dream in surf and is stable enough to take photographs while sitting in a storm. I love them. Many have tried and I have never heard anyone complain about its all round performance. I have used it several on camping trips, with a volume of 330l, it is adequate for a couple of nights without a problem.

Performance and maneuverability in difficult waters is fantastic, I have been in many difficult situations and paddled out with ease, and usually the right way up. 518cm long and 56cm wide it is also comfortable for long trips. A retractable skeg is useful in many situations.

I have paddled close to 300 trips and training runs in my Scotts, in large surf, many storms, gentle rolling waves up to 5m. I have paddled the strongest tidal current in the world with it (Salt straumen, northern Norway). The occasional rockhopping trip (Can't get enough off), and many other trips on calmer seas and Norwegian Fjords, in over forty years as a kayaker I have never been so happy with a kayak. It would take a lot of convincing before I would use another type in all of the different situations the sea can throw at me.

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