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Go-pro cameras have made their name as a top action camera. I have had a Go-pro Hero4 Silver and it was a very versatile little camera, expensive as are the extras you buy over time. As a head cam, definitely not for the likes of me, I can't keep my head still enough to take a film, in addition I can't see the screen or controls while fixed to my head. Several times I have been in nice situations and have no film uptake.  They really are exceptional pieces of equipment but require a lot of attention, still pictures are great as long as there is no great distance between camera and subject. My greatest moment in a kayak was when three or four Orcas were jumping around 150m-200m in front of me, and you can almost not identify what they are. Several times especially when cold the camera froze, the only option is to open the waterproof casing and open the camera to remove the battery, not a practical option when at sea. The camera was less than a year old and the pins to where the charger is connected had rusted due to small amounts of condensation. Because of this it wasn't covered in the guarantee. I then bought a Go-pro 5, and that was in more for repair than in use. Eventually I got a refund and bought once again an Olympus TG4.

I would have recommended the Hero4 Silver edition, for those who are happy to constantly be taking care of the camera. You do in all honesty get a lot of functions with this version including 4K.

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