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mid Norway

Geita lies at the confluence of three fjords. Twenty minutes from my house and a perfect play/training ground for a growing group of paddlers who prefer a challenge in rougher conditions. Trondheimsfjord being over 70km in length can channel wind and waves from afar and end the waves journey by crashing into the small cliff area at Geita. With that and tidal conditions from the three fjords an exciting paddle is a common event. In wind conditions over 10m/s fun is guaranteed. It is an ideal situation for training in several ways, being close to land we can train in rescue techniques without the fear of being swept out to sea. But there is a strong tidal race further out which a couple of us have paddled only one time. A rescue boat would be ideal for future training in that area. With surf, reasonable high waves, strong winds, the occasional chance at a little rockhopping, tide races it has become our favourite training ground.

Geita frame.png
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