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Inspirational films

In 1977 when I had been paddling for a couple of years and only ever on flatwater, I watched with fascination and fear a film of a British ''Canoe,'' expedition descending the ''Dudh Kosi,'' the river that runs of Mount Everest. I was awe struck, madmen for sure. But the more I watched the more excited I got. I will never forget the sudden total silence in the living room as I said out loud, ''I am going to do that someday.'' Nothing more was said, my parents hoping that by ignoring my comment I would eventually shut up and forget all about it. But my mind was made up and as for forgetting about it, I never have, a lifes addiction had begun. But although later I became an avid whitewater river paddler, I never did (or dared) reach the level that they paddled in. My first kayak heroes. The equipment they use in this film is similar to the equipment my friends and I had when we started paddling white water on rocky rivers. Link opens to youtube.

Below are a few more links to programmes that inspired me in my younger days. Undoubtedly there were more but after so long it is difficult to find links to all.



The good old days, but this day paddling a four and a half metre white water racer down a very narrow river almost cost me my life as I went over a small waterfall and couldn't turn to make the second drop,the hull pinned against a downstream rock and water pouring over my head, I used a combination of  high brace and sculling strokes with a large helping of adrenalin until I eventually broke free.

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