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mid Norway

Less than one hours drive from my home I can come out the the west coast.  Agdenes kommune holds a special place for me, Valset, only a short part of coastline but has much for me, in the way of relaxation for example. There is a small stone beach (Mølnbukt) less than two km from get in point. I often go there as it is isolated from the land side, and there I often sit with a bonfire and watch the sun go down.

A busy shipping lane further out, but normally I keep to the coastline in this area especially if I am paddling in a storm.A strong current as the tide goes out, I like to play it safe here and paddle on an incoming tide if possible. With little between the atlantic ocean and the coastline, storms can soon whip up and there has been several times when I could do more than just look out to sea, waves and wind being way beyond my paddling capabilities, as far as paddling solo is concerned anyway. But a great time can also be had by sitting on the sea shore while watching large rolling waves crashing against the rocks, while the wind is in your face.

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