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Photograph Kristoffer Vandbakk Kajakk Nord

Kayak shin falls
Sea kayak surf

Hitra, Norway 2016

I started kayaking at 9 years old. In my late teens, I started to paddle more and more white water solely on the rivers of the Scottish highlands. In winter with low water levels, surfing was the second option and excellent training for the forthcoming snow melt to come, once more filling the rocky rivers with ice cold water. No dry suits in them days.

Many years later and now in Norway, 2013 my kayaking took off again, only this time it was the sea that quickly became my new passion. My earlier paddling on white water and surfing skills were back in use with a multitude of new skills and adventures to come.

Shin falls, Scotland 1987

Photograph Ron Cameron, Scotland


Orkanger, Norway (Hometown) 2020

Today, with over 500 trips and training runs since I started sea kayaking again, my passion for the sport only increases and now with the support of Aqua-bound paddles and YAK adventure equipment 2020 will hopefully be another exciting year.

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